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At Both Ends 9/10 package with double 7"

This monster package contains a 148-page magazine/book that combines two new issues worth of AT BOTH ENDS Magazine with a double 7" holding two exclusive songs each from four different bands. The first record pairs up hardcore legends BANE (No introduction needed) with GRADE (Yes, GRADE! Their first new songs since 2001); the second 7" includes newer bands UNRESTRAINED (Surprise Attack Records) and BETWEEN EARTH AND SKY (Greg from TRIAL with former members of CATHARSIS and BY A THREAD). Included in the magazine are articles with BANE, SICK OF IT ALL, VERSE, SHOOK ONES, BILL STEVENSON, SPARKMARKER, SHAI HULUD, GREG BENNICK and much, much. This is about as packed as a zine can get! The magazine is perfect bound with glossy pages and colour covers. Printing is similar to a book and is higher quality than pretty much any commercial magazine you would find in a store.

A few reviews:

"Bottom Line: Eight excellent tracks from four noteworthy bands. Great packaging. A double-issue of an excellent hardcore zine. This is top-notch stuff." - Lambgoat


  1. Bane: Non-Negotiable
  2. Bane: Struck Down By Me (re-recorded)
  3. Grade: These Eyes Are On The Exits
  4. Grade: Optical Portions
  5. Unrestrained: Immaculate Deception
  6. Unrestrained: Anak Krakatau
  7. Between Earth And Sky: Skin And Stone
  8. Between Earth And Sky: Flow